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Rumbling Bald Blog

Rumbling Bald Resort is excited to introduce their brand new blog, where we will be sharing stories and experiences about what makes the Resort and the Lake Lure area such as distinctive vacation destination.  Through our team members and some well placed area insiders, we will pull back the curtain to give you a unique perspective on the history, people and activities that come together to create the Rumbling Bald Resort and Lake Lure experience.

This blog also represents the relationship we look to create between our team and you, our guests.  We will introduce not only the Resort, but the treasures it holds - and the people who make our organization unlike any other.  This is a journey we invite you to take with us.  Interact with us. Allow us to get to know you as we share our tales.  After all, this is as much your story as it is our own. 

As the Azaleas begin to bloom

We are beginning to arrive in the one of the most beautiful times of the year in the southeast region of the United States. I am anticipating the change of season into fully sunny days and green grass at every turn. With spring comes one of the most exciting, traditional, and coveted events of the year for professional golf; The Masters.

The Ugly Truth About Golf Course Aeration

It's a perfect, sunny morning and you've just reached the first green in regulation. You feel great and you know you're within birdie range. Then, you see them, those little holes in the green. Arrggh! They've just aerified the course, and it's going to ruin your round, right? Well, maybe not.

Hikers, Mountain Bikers and Nature Lovers Get Ready!

If you’re like us, you’re beginning to get tired of cold, winter weather and are looking forward to the first signs of spring; chirping birds, blooming flowers and bright, sunny days.  You may even be filling out a wish list of things to do outside when the temperatures warm.

Planning a Destination Wedding

A destination wedding can be the most romantic and memorable kind of wedding for both you and your guests.  It can also be slightly stressful if you’re not prepared for the extra work of hosting a wedding some distance away from your home.  To help you overcome any worries, we’ve compiled a few tips to help you plan the destination wedding of your dreams.


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