The Boys and Girls of Summer—Behind the Scenes at Kids Adventure Camp

Ask an 8-year-old what the best part of Kids Adventure Camp is and you’ll get a definite—and honest—answer.  Speed tubing, lunch and swimming (in that order).  Ask his fellow campers that same question?  Expect to hear speed tubing, a lot.  And receive similar replies: (a) high energy, high speed and/or soaking wet activity, (b) lunch, (c) variation on a.  After all, there are three things sure to top any kid’s wish list—summer vacation, lunch, and lots of fun stuff to do!  

Hikers, Mountain Bikers and Nature Lovers Get Ready!

If you’re like us, you’re beginning to get tired of cold, winter weather and are looking forward to the first signs of spring; chirping birds, blooming flowers and bright, sunny days.  You may even be filling out a wish list of things to do outside when the temperatures warm.

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