April May Golf Newsletter

Greetings Golfers!

Springtime is on its way and I am sure you are all very excited to get back on our beautiful golf courses. During the Off-Season, we have been hard at work removing debris from the October storm and taking out some of those pesky trees. We had most of our play at Apple Valley this off-season. We then moved over to Bald Mountain for the last few weeks of March. This has proved to be a great decision. We have seen the healing of the Bald Mountain and Apple Valley greens progress faster this year than in previous years. Without having daily golfers on them, along with some warmer weather, the greens have been able to breath and heal faster. I am pleased with the progress, although there is still healing to be done. We are much farther than we have been in previous years, which means better conditions for you and your guests.

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