Are you a good golfer? Find out!

This time of year, the golf course is filled with sun, friendships, and competition. Most golfers only wish during this time is to be on the course as much as possible.  I hope you’re all taking time to play and enjoy this game we love so much but while you’re on the course make sure you’re being a good golfer. What defines a “good golfer”, you ask? In my opinion, a good golfer is someone who abides by the course rules, etiquette and respect that is needed to properly play this game.  Too often I see players on the course simply not taking the time to help maintain the golf course and keep it in a healthy state for all visiting the links.  We are all here to enjoy our leisure time so let’s make sure we’re doing everything we can to protect this wonderful game. 

Below are some items to help remind you of how the little things can make a big difference on the golf course.  

Ball marks – This is the number one complaint I see people have when they come in from their round.  They almost always mention how there were so many ball marks on the greens, and how can anyone not take the time to fix them?  That is a great question.  It has baffled me for years.  When you are on the greens you should fix your mark as well as two others.  This ensures we have done everything possible to maintain the health of the greens.   

Divots – Fairway divots must always be filled with sand to make sure the grass has something to grow back into.  If there is no sand in the divot it could take weeks to heal instead of days if properly filled with sand.  Most courses provide these on your cart.  They are not for show, they need to be used.  Try not to over fill the divot as that may cause damage to the mowing equipment.  Fill it completely and brush over it with your foot to even it out.  

Cart Etiquette 

Do – Avoid wet areas, stay off green and tee banks, and follow all directional signs, ropes, and lines.  
Don’t – Pull half off the path, as it is unnecessary and causes damage to high visibility areas.  

There are many other small things golfers can do to help their course play and look better, and in the process free up the maintenance staff for more essential work, such as:

  • Picking up broken tees helps prevent damage to costly mower reels. 
  • Refraining from overfilling trash containers which prevents trash from blowing across the course. 
  • Replacing a sign or rope stake that has been knocked down. This keeps the course looking neat and helps prevent damage. 
  • If you spot a leak, let a maintenance staff worker know about it so it can be fixed before turf damage occurs from traffic through the area. 
  • Lose the herd mentality when driving your cart – avoid following the same path of the carts before you. 
  • Avoid taking divots on your practice swings.  Chip to the chipping green – not the practice putting green.  
  • When practicing putting, avoid standing in one place for extended periods – doing so can cause damage to the green.  
  • Put bunker rakes where the superintendent has directed them to be placed.  

I hope this has been helpful to you as a golfer and a person.  Please help us take care of our golf courses as to make sure we all have an enjoyable time when we are able to sneak away!

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