Hooked on a Feeling

“If people concentrated on the really important things in life, there’d be a shortage of fishing poles.”

 -Doug Larson

North Carolina is wonderful for fishing!  What sets the state apart from other locations is a combination of good geography and good luck.  In general, our streams are free flowing and the wonderful natural tree canopies that arch out over our rivers keep the water cool—making a great nursery for fish.  As a result, Lake Lure, Rumbling Bald Resort’s Bald Mountain Lake and surrounding watershed are a warm water fishery, home to large and small mouth bass, trout, blue gill, perch, crappie and, of course, catfish.

Michael L. Yelton, owner and operator of The Granddaddy Fly Fishing Experience, is a local fishing expert and FFF Certified Casting Instructor.  Born and raised in Rutherford County, he has been an avid fisherman since childhood.  He was taught to fish by his father and grandfather on Lake Lure using a bamboo pole and bread fishing for blue gill at a very young age, later graduating to fly fishing.   He fell in love with fly fishing because it’s marries a natural setting and a high activity level compared to fishing with a bobber. In Michael’s opinion, “Fly fishing just puts you closer to nature.  You’re in the water, actively working with gorgeous scenery surrounding you.”   Michael is very familiar with what Lake Lure region has to offer both recreational and sport fishermen in nearby waters and is willing to share some of his secrets with visitors and friends in the rod and reel set. 

Fishing is plentiful on Lake Lure, Bald Mountain Lake at the Rumbling Bald Resort, and the Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock.  Neighboring Polk and Henderson counties that offer great fishing locales within an hour’s drive of Rumbling Bald Resort.  There’s a time and place for fishing nearly year round, unlike the limited 5-6 month fishing season in the western region of the United States with its longer, more intense bouts of cold weather.  July and August in the Lake Lure area is prime time for bass fishing, among a huge variety of other fish species, but it can also be enjoyed throughout the fall, spring and even winter if you’re looking for a challenge.

Serious fishermen often prefer their own equipment, but many area guides have rental equipment for visitors who book a trip.  There are also a few fly shops, particularly a short drive away in Asheville, but local shops have crickets, bait and other general fishing supplies on hand.  Whether you’re a first-time, recreational, sport or trophy-game fisherman, North Carolina and Lake Lure offers some of the best fishing in the country.  To protect our surrounding natural resources and abundant species, fishing licenses are required and enforced, so please be sure to check local and state guidelines before putting casting your line.  More information about fishing in and around Lake Lure and can be found at the Town of Lake Lure and Rumbling Bald Resort.

When it comes to fishing, there is something for everyone during their stay at RBR.  If you’re only here for a few days, take advantage of local know-how.  Get a guide who can take you to the best places or speak to a fellow fishing aficionado who knows the waters.  There’s no need to spend your valuable time hunting for a great fishing hole when there are plenty of local experts willing to help.  The fun isn’t limited to fly fishing either.  There are great area opportunities for all types of fishing (lake and stream).  The Rocky Broad River in Chimney Rock, for example, is one of the most heavily stocked in the entire state.

Advanced angler or barely a beginner, no prior experience is necessary to enjoy all the great fishing Rumbling Bald and the Lake Lure area have to offer.  With some of the clearest water you’ll find and beautiful mountain scenery as far as the eye can see, an unforgettable fishing experience awaits. 

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