Top 5 Reasons for Lake over Beach

Life is better at the lake, because beaches are too salty. The epic debate of preferred waters has been a topic of discussion for many with each side claiming victory. The beach and the lake each offer their own luxuries and limitations but allow us to present you only five (very convincing) reasons why the lakes continue to win out in our favor.

Dock Life

The lake offers many the chance to explore from a new perspective – on the water. Most lake goers take to the boats, either motorized or paddled. Cruising out onto the waters can be as simple and as easy as taking just a few steps off the dock of your lake house. Lake goers have the added luxury of personal docks being built out onto the lakes allowing for easy access to the water or just the perfect atmosphere to sit surrounded by the calm waters.

No Scary Water Critters

One of the top fears for those who frequent the beach has always been what is hiding in the depths of the waters. The first of which being sharks, thank you Jaws; the second being crabs; and the third being sting rays. While wading out in the ocean, you constantly worry about what might be floating next to you or what just skimmed your leg or possibly stepping on and being pinched by a crab. Never fear at the lake. The only animals roaming the waters are your local fish – which can easily be combated with the use of a trusty fishing pole.

Pet Friendly

Most beaches have restricted times when your furry friends can be out and about with you – especially during the more traveled months. But at the lake, you never have to worry about leaving your best friend at home. Lake goers are frequently seen on boats and on docks with their dogs. Adventure should include your friends with paws too.

No Rip Currents or Changing Tides

When you set up your chair at the beach, not only do you have to find the perfect spot for the sun, but you also have to be prepared to move up and back numerous times throughout the day as the tides change. And that’s only if you just plan to sit on the beach all day. If you plan to venture into the ocean, you have to be on the lookout for rip currents that can take the most experienced swimmer out to sea. But at the lake, the waters are calm, and the currents are soft and peaceful. You are greeted by a constant steadiness of tranquility with these lake waters.

Scenery Beyond the Sun off the Water

It’s time to grab that perfect shot of the sunset off the water. At the lake, your shot will be framed by the trees or the mountains that wrap around. Lakes are all surrounded by additions of nature that only add to the picturesque setting. At the lakes, nature speaks on so many more platforms than just the water.

Now that you see why your ultimate summer getaway awaits you on the lake, we’ll go one step further and give you the lake to make plans with – Lake Lure in North Carolina. Rumbling Bald offers over 3,000 acres of premier rental space with breathtaking views of both the lake and the Blue Ridge Mountains that surround it. Activities discussed above are all readily available here, along with 18-hole championship golf courses, racquet sports, spa and salon, swimming, boating, hiking, and much more.

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