What’s new for Golf in 2017!


It is that time again where we begin to get ready for our golf season here at Rumbling Bald Resort. We have been lucky to have a fairly mild winter and before you know it we will be asking the temperature to cool down. We have many exciting things happening in our golf operation for 2017. Our wonderful full time staff of Sheila Holland, Greg Francis and Heather Ledford are here for another year as well as myself. There have been many things going on at the golf courses during the off season as well. Matt Lovell and Brent Ward, our Superintendents, and their team, have also put together a great plan to make your golf courses something to be proud of. We are all looking forward to giving you our best year ever. All of our team has been busy preparing for another year. I am so proud to be your golf professional here and you have hopefully seen in the last few years that I truly care for your enjoyment of the facilities.

Golf Operation

In our golf operation you will see some exciting changes. We will be upgrading our golf car fleet for each golf course. Bald Mountain will receive the new TXT EZ-Go model which has a larger well in the back for oversized bags, deep cup holders, and a USB port for you to charge your phone or device while you play. Apple Valley will be seeing the most exciting upgrade with the arrival of the RXV EZ-Go cart. It will offer an oversized well for bags, deep cup holders, automatic brake technology, USB port, and the TKV GPS system. All of our fleet at Apple Valley will have this exciting feature where you can enhance your experience on the golf course as you play your round. The addition of the GPS system is so exciting for us and here are a few of the features it provides us. 

  • Set vehicle boundaries with a geo-fencing. This will assist in keeping carts off of areas on the course we are repairing or when it is a Carts on Path rule.
  • Allows us to remotely manage the golf cart and view real time activity as it is on the golf course.
  • Provides two way communication from the pro shop directly to an individual cart
  • Amazing course graphics, real time yardage to the green, 3D flyovers
  • Allows for marketing opportunities and direct information can be relayed to our golf consumers about specials, upcoming events, or emergency weather notices.

As you were reading about a few of the great features on the GPS system I am sure you were getting as excited as we are to have them in our fleet. We will one of the few golf courses around to offer this amenity and will surely increase your enjoyment when you play and will also enhance our guest experience here at the resort. At Apple Valley you will also receive two towels to use during your round and two bottles of water, iced down in your cart, before each round.

Golf Maintenance

To ensure you have a quality experience at each of our golf courses we have made some great strides in improving our playing conditions and aesthetics at each golf course.

  • New tee markers and hole signs for each course
  • Bunkers at BM #2, and AV #16 and #18 have been remodeled and fixed for proper drainage and playability. 
  • Tree removal at each course
  • Under brushing ponds, creeks, and overgrown areas
  • Repairing four greens at BM to make sure they properly drain
  • Mulching beds throughout the property
  • Enhanced #16 at BM with new signage and mulch bed

So as you can see we have all been very busy planning for the 2017 golf season. We are all as excited as we have been in a long time to see some of these improvements being made. We will also have a new rate structure for 2017 that will be a slight increase from 2016. We truly believe that our golf courses, and operation, are still very affordable and exceed almost everyone’s expectations. Apple Valley will be slightly higher to play since it will have the GPS system, towels and bottled water on each cart. The increase will only be $5 more than it is to play at Bald Mountain. The rest of our rates will be available to see on our website or by picking up a brochure from one of our golf shops. We believe we have very comparable rates to surrounding golf properties and that our great product of our two courses are very affordable.  We will also be developing and distributing the member event schedule for 2017, so stay tuned for that as it will be released in the next few weeks. 
I hope that you will enjoy yourself in 2017 at your golf courses and we look forward to serving you soon!

Adam H. Bowles, PGA
Golf Operations Manager
Bald Mountain and Apple Valley

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