Emily Bleser
Chad Elbert
Wedding Date:
October 8, 2016
Charlotte, NC

Emily and Chad originally met in 2001 on a train trip to Washington, D.C. The trip was part of a program through the YMCA called Indian Guides/Princesses. At some point on the way there, they caught each others eye and attempted to make contact through friends and “do you like me” notes like most 9/10 year olds do. They spent time together during the sight seeing and on the trip back to Charlotte, before returning home. Emily and Chad didn’t realize it then, but it was the start of something amazing!

Over the next few years, they would chat on AIM here and there and were friends on Myspace, but the timing wasn’t quite right. Then, after a number of years with no contact, they reconnected on Facebook and realized that the spark was still there. The couple began dating long distance before attending college together. After both graduating from East Carolina University and jumping into the real world, Emily and Chad were blessed with a beautiful little bundle, Nina. Now after 7 great years, a dog, a baby and a house later, they are officially ready to tie the knot!