Tiffany Espin
Bo Hardegree
Wedding Date:
August 20, 2016

Bo and Tiffany met in January of 2014 when they were invited to join an indoor soccer team put together by mutual friends in Asheville, NC. That night they were both focused on not embarrassing themselves on the soccer field, so meeting the love of their lives was the last thing on their minds. After an extended period of time getting to know each other as close friends, and Tiffany leaving the country to teach in China for a few months, they thought that there may be more to their friendship. 

Upon her return, they dealt with their feelings individually while holding back making them public, fearing that they would hurt the friendship that had become so important to both of them. Once they decided to stop letting fear control their lives and shared their feelings with one another, they realized how amazing their relationship could be! Tiffany was set to return to China to teach again in June of 2015, but this time for an entire year. They chose to remain together and in fact grew closer over the vast distance, focusing their relationship on communication, trust, and their faith.

In January of 2016, during a harsh snow storm that crippled the Eastern United States, Bo overcame the active storm, icy roads, mazes of frozen cars, and multiple delayed flights for 41 hours to visit Tiffany in China. Bo was so determined to make it through the storm and get to Tiffany so that he could spend time with her after so many months apart and ask her one simple question, “Will you marry me?” She said yes! After their wedding on August 20, Bo and Tiffany will be moving back to China to start the rest of their lives on a great adventure abroad, this time together forever.