Stephanie Musick
Dana Newcomb
Wedding Date:
October 15, 2016
Florence SC

Dana and I met on July 18, 2013.  At the time I was hosting an exchange worker, Eadaoin, from my former company’s Czech Republic office.  Eadaoin would be staying with me a while so I thought I’d take her to a Young Professionals group so she could meet people.  When we arrived we were disappointed as there were very few people there.  We politely waited for others to arrive for a while and then decided to go have a drink and decide what to do next.  Soon after arriving at our next location a soon to be mutual friend named Gavin, came into the room, with him was a very tall guy who I knew instantly I wanted to get to know. 

So, Eadaoin and I decided to make our way around the room, introducing ourselves to almost everyone, finally we made our way to Gavin and the tall guy, whose name was Dana.  A few hours later we exchanged phone numbers and before the end of the evening we had plans for Saturday evening.  And the rest is history, by August 5th we were officially engaged.