Living Here

During the past 70 years Rumbling Bald Resort has grown from a solitary boathouse on a beautiful mountain lake into a thriving 3,000+ acre mountain resort community. Today we serve hundreds of guests from around the world who come to vacation and enjoy a tremendous variety of outdoor lake activities, soothing spa treatments, excellent golf courses, and the simple beauty of mountain life. Over time many guests have become property owners, many of which reside at Rumbling Bald Resort full-time and participate in the community on a daily basis.  You don’t have to visualize a developer’s proposal from a map, it’s been here for over 60 years and there’s never been a better time to make Rumbling Bald Resort your mountain vacation home.

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Original Boat House, 1956
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Born Here

It was in the heart of the wooded Blue Ridge Mountains, that the sheer rock-face devoid of greenery gave Bald Mountain its name. But in 1874 the mountain shook and grumbled and groaned with a series of earthquakes, so folks started calling it Rumbling Bald Mountain. Today, the ancient mountain stands watch over the north end of Lake Lure, and gives shelter to the Resort that thrives at its feet and shares its name. From a solitary boat house in 1956 to the sprawling resort community of today. Rumbling Bald Resort attracts guests from around the world to enjoy the lake, the spa, the golfing, and the sheer beauty of this incredible place.