Rumbling Bald Blog

Rumbling Bald Resort is excited to introduce their brand new blog, where we will be sharing stories and experiences about what makes the Resort and the Lake Lure area such as distinctive vacation destination.  Through our team members and some well placed area insiders, we will pull back the curtain to give you a unique perspective on the history, people and activities that come together to create the Rumbling Bald Resort and Lake Lure experience.

This blog also represents the relationship we look to create between our team and you, our guests.  We will introduce not only the Resort, but the treasures it holds - and the people who make our organization unlike any other.  This is a journey we invite you to take with us.  Interact with us. Allow us to get to know you as we share our tales.  After all, this is as much your story as it is our own. 

What's new for Golf in 2017!


Stress-free Valentine’s Day

When people think of Valentine’s Day, they think of romance, of red hearts and fine chocolate, of perfect gifts and perfect love. All of which can be incredibly stressful.

Winter Skin Rejuvenation

The arrival of winter weather means a variety of challenges when it comes to skin care. From the cold and wind outside to the dry heat indoors, your skin is constantly being assaulted by elements that cause it to dry out, chap, and even crack.

When the Hickory Nut Gorge turns to Gold

Fall Hiking Checklist

The crisp, clean fall air and the magnificent colors of the leaves are all the excuse anyone needs to lace up you hiking boots and hit the trail, and Rumbling Bald Resort is the perfect place for a day hike with trails to suit hikers of all skill levels.